Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quick is it to donate to Metal2Petal?
A: Fast as greased lightning! You can donate your car online within a couple of minutes. Or you can call our toll free 800 number and we can schedule a pickup. The pickup usually happens within 24 hours. Remember, the pickup is always free.
Q: If my car is not running, will Metal2Petal still want it?
A: Yes. For example, if your battery is dead, no worries – we will have a tow truck available to jump it or tow it away. And in some instances we will take cars that do not run at all, or those that have been involved in an accident. We strive to take all vehicles that are pledged. Feel free to call us to discuss specific donations.
Q: How do I donate cash to Metal2Petal?
A: Thanks for asking. It’s easy as pie. Our web sight has a snappy app that allows a donation to be processed through a credit card or PayPal. Just press the donate button on the home page. It’s that quick and easy - and it’s fun!
Q: Just where does the money from our donations go?
A: Very important question. Our mission is to see that the highest percentage of the donations go directly to the purchase of open space. To date, our executive staff is unpaid, except for our administrative genius, Beth Reynolds. As we expand, we are hoping to use volunteer staff as much as possible. In short, we not a non-profit with a bloated bureaucracy; instead we are a lean, green, technology driven machine – with the goal of effecting perpetual change.
Q: How can I see the properties that Metal2Petal saves from rampant development?
A: Another excellent query. Metal2Petal has a “Projects” tab on its home page that allows our donors and the public alike to review the properties that Metal2Petal is targeting for purchase and preservation. We want our successes to be shared with our donors – and to create an awareness with our partners and the public that we are effecting real change.
Q: Can I alert Metal2Petal about at-risk properties that I discover are in need of preservation?
A: Absolutely. We would deeply appreciate any ideas or suggestions regarding any important properties, ranches, etc. that are in harm’s way.