Donate your real estate and receive a federal charitable tax deduction.

  • Streamlined process saves time

  • Fast, no stress liquidation

  • Lower or eliminate capital gains

  • Save "at risk" open space

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What you can donate:

Land, residential homes, vacant lots, commercial buildings, industrial properties, apartment buildings, condos, mobile homes or any other type of property.

Why donate property?

Why would you want to donate your property to charity? Donating real property is actually more common than you might think. Perhaps you have inherited a house that is not of use to you. Or perhaps a real estate investment is not selling as expected or for the anticipated price. What if you are ready to sell your home to move elsewhere, but would lose money after paying substantial capital gains taxes?

There are many situations where property donation would be your best choice. Metal2Petal makes the process very simple. You benefit by receiving a tax-deductible receipt for the full appraised value of the property. At the same time, you will remove a potentially large taxable asset from your estate. No more worries about property maintenance. Eliminate the complexity and risk of trying to sell an unwanted property. And best of all, feel great about the fact that you have contributed to the preservation of open space lands that will benefit humanity and the planet for generations to come.