Metal2Petal Save Open Spaces

Why do we need to preserve open space?

Open space is a cherished portion of America's history and an integral part of maintaining the health of our planet. Some inconvenient truths remain: human populations continue to grow and human encroachment of open spaces continues at an alarming rate. At the same time, people everywhere continue to turn to the outdoors for recreation and renewal. It is these competing trends which hasten our restorative spirit. This spirit is driven by our love for the natural world, which gives both meaning and urgency to our work here at Metal2Petal.

Our forests provide us with wildlife and fauna – and our trees produce the C02 which sustains our atmosphere and buffers all wild and domestic life from harmful UV rays. Our wetlands are the boundaries and bulwarks for fish and all forms of marine wildlife.

Our open spaces are an important legacy we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. Landowners have a deep connection to their land and know the benefits undeveloped properties provide their communities: clean air and water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and sheer scenic beauty. With these open spaces often disappearing forever because of development, many landowners are taking a stand to safeguard the places they love -- productive farms, ranch land, forests, wetlands, coastlines -- for their family and for future generations.

Metal2Petal can also provide landowners who want to conserve their land a full range of options and financial benefits, while respecting private property rights. Preserving land "in perpetuity" can bring peace of mind to those who would like their land to remain as a farm or natural area for decades to come. We are here to help them and all future nature lovers have the same opportunities to enjoy a beautiful environment as we have had.